Trends have a way of shaping a culture. They tell people how to act and what is popular at the time. There are many trends some are clothing, music, movies, and excuse. One trend I think is the most fascinating is food trends. Food is a very important part of everyone’s life. The American diet has changed a lot since the 50ths. Back then people use to eat a very limited diet and they would eat the same foods day in and day out. Now a days people have a very wide diet. People now eat foods from different cultures. Food trends seem to be changing very often.
It is important to know how different food trends start. A lot of popular food was first seen in fancy restaurants and slowly made, it ways down to mainstream restaurants. “[Foods] starts out being served in forward-thinking, innovative restaurants in New York and other capitals of gastronomy. Over time, they become more mainstream, becoming a clinche on big city menus, showing up in high-end restaurants in smaller cities, and eventually finding their way to neighborhood bistros in the hinterlands and chain restaurants across the country. (Hamblin)” It will take a while for a food to go from a high-end restaurant to a chain restaurant. When a restaurant sees a food is very popular they will start to see it to get more people in the doors. Restaurants want to sell food that people want to eat. A chain restaurant main goal is to sell food that seems familiar. So by the time a dish makes if from a fancy restaurant all the way to a chain restaurant it has gone through some changes. It tends to not be as complex. You will most likely get a simpler version of the dish. One dish we see this with is fried calamari. ‘”Fried calamari made a voyage that dozens of foods have made over the years; Irwin wrote. ‘Now, of course, every strip-mall pizza place and suburban Applebee’s serves fried calamari.’ (Hambin)” When people first heard of the dish not everyone was willing to try it. But when it started showing up on the menus of mainstream restaurants more people were willing to try it and thought it was cool.
Another popular food trend is food trucks. Food trucks are becoming increasing popular in the past few years. You can find them in every city and even some town in America. I’m not just talking about hot dog or ice-cream trucks. I am talking about the trucks that sell things like crab cakes, barbeque, fancy desserts, fish tacos, or upscale grilled cheese. The world of food trucks has changed so much. “People are looking at L.A. as a hotbed of the street food movement. (Robbins)” I think it has to do with the nice weather. Venders can sell food almost everyday. Also a lot of people live there and they all need to eat. Food trucks are a fast and convenient way to get good food. “During the first LA street fest the pair had anticipated they’d draw around 5,000 to the downtown event, not the estimated 20,000 fans who waited up to two hours for red velvet pancakes, mini banh mi, and lamb roti roll-up. (Robbins).” This was four times the amount of people they thought would show up. This tells us that they had a better idea than they ever thought. If people are willing to wait in for food from for two hours you know they must have something better. One of the great things about food truck is they are able to move around. They can go to the people. For instance, if there is a concert or a sporting event they can park right outside and people will just come to them. Also social media has had a very positive impact on food trucks. The trucks can post their location so people will know where to find them. People can voice their options about the food they have eaten. If a truck sees that people don’t like one of their items they can find out soon and start selling food people what to eat. Or when people have ideas of what they like to see on the menu they can voice their ideas.