The Powerful Cleopatra
Cleopatra is one of the most recognizable names of all time, but not many people know why she is so famous in our history today. Cleopatra Philopator was born 69 BCE and ruled with her father, Ptolemy XII Auletes. Cleopatra’s father passed away when she was eighteen years old, which left her to rule; however, at that point in time, if a woman ruled she needed a male by her side. Cleopatra ended up marrying her brother, Ptolemy XIII. Later on Cleopatra dropped her brother’s name from all official documents and ruled alone by herself. She was a female ruler in e first female ruler ever in the time of all male rulers which makes her very important in history because she did that by her own choice and didn’t want to follow in her brothers footsteps. Cleopatra is important for so many reasons: first of all, she was the queen of Egypt which, in that time, was one of the most powerful kingdoms in the world. Second she wasn’t really an Egyptian, she was actually Greek. She was known for being one of the most beautiful women in the world and she used her sexuality as a weapon to get what she wanted for her throne, and also during the rest of her life to get more and more power for herself and Egypt. Cleopatra was the most famous member of her family line, known for her role in the Roman political battles between Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, and her death marked the end of the Ptolemaic rule in Egypt. The three aspects of Cleopatra using her sexuality to become a great leader are using her good looks to get what she wanted, having a known romance with powerful men, and being respected by everyone.
Cleopatra is known for being one of the most beautiful women of all times, from her baby blue eyes to her black silky hair. The way she would walk around with her head held high would make people look up to her and respect her. Some people may think that Cleopatra wanted to come off as a fierce strong woman while having throne because she didn’t want her enemies thinking that she was weak because she was a girl. Cleopatra used her gender to get away with a lot of stuff that man leaders at that time would never get away with. Along with her good looks she would wear very revealing outfits that showed off her body to everyone, for example when she would dress up as Iris the goddess of Heaven or Venus the goddess of Love.
When a lot of people think about Cleopatra it usually follows with the names Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Cleopatra was a very smart woman when it came to making decisions about her people and empire. In 48 B.C.E Cleopatra’s brother’s followers led by Pothinus began plotting against her, and eventually had her removed from power, and she was forced into exile. Cleopatra was not going to give up her throne that easily so she began to gather an army on Egypt’s border. That is where Julius Caesar comes into the picture; he was the name of the great Roman military and a political leader of the Roman Republic. Cleopatra devised a plan to meet Julius Caesar to seek a political alliance and get her throne back. She was willing to do whatever it took at that point. The way she met Caesar is actually pretty ironic because she had herself rolled up into a rug which was than smuggled into Alexandria and delivered to Caesar himself personally. As soon as Caesar opened up the rug he was immediately charmed by Cleopatra. That same evening Cleopatra had ended up seducing Caesar in bed. Caesar would do anything for Cleopatra, he would burn down his own ships which resulted in the fire that took out half the Alexandria library and he stopped the rebellious Egyptian army for her as well. By doing that she had accomplished what she wanted which was to link herself with the Roman Empire. Caesar helped Cleopatra return to her throne which is what she wanted all along. Cleopatra eventually became pregnant by Caesar and she gave birth to their son, Ptolemy XV also called Caesarion. In 44 B.C., Caesar was stabbed to death at a gathering which caused Cleopatra to go back to Egypt. Shortly after Caesar’s death, Mark Antony and Octavian fought for the power of Rome. Mark Antony was a general in the military, and served under Caesar. With Octavian ruling Rome, Antony stationed himself to Turkey, and pursued Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra. Antony made Cleopatra come to Tarsus, in Asia Minor, to answer charges that she had aided his enemies during the war. Cleopatra had hoped to charm Antony as she did with Caesar so she dressed up as Venus, the Roman god of love. Antony had fallen head over heels for her just like Caesar did. So he followed her back to Alexandria, promising to protect Egypt and Cleopatra’s throne. A year late, Cleopatra gave birth to Antony’s twins, and kept on ruling Egypt which was getting bigger and bigger. Octavian was very mad at this point because he realized that Antony was having an affair this whole time with Cleopatra. So in 32 BCE Octavian officially declared war on Cleopatra. Octavian defeated Antony the following year which made Cleopatra come up with the plan to make her fake her own death, so she hid out in the mausoleum she had commissioned for herself. By doing this, Antony was informed that Cleopatra was dead, so he stabbed himself with his sword. Shortly after Cleopatra met with Octavian, she closed herself in her chamber and committed suicide. Their love story is one of the most tragic stories of all time. The way they ruled together and fought together is a love like no other. Their love story is the Romeo and Juliet of that time. By having a public known romance with these two men, Cleopatra used her sexuality to seduce them into helping her get her thorn and maintain that power until the day she died. She married these two men and had children with them to help keep her name and family in power throughout her whole life. Some people may think that she was being a slut by doing this with each man, but in reality she was doing what was right for her country and being smart about it. She never once had to worry about losing her throne because she always had one of these men at her side backing her up and protecting her.
Over the point of time from when Cleopatra begins to rule and to the day she died, she has many people who would stand by her and respect what she did. The Egyptians, especially the religious people respected her because she would support and respect their religion and was very good about the amount of money she paid them. Unlike a lot of rulers, Cleopatra actually cared about her people and took care of them. Not only did Cleopatra break the rule of having to be a male to rule the throne, she also made up her own rules and got rid of old ones that she and the people didn’t agree to or like which helped boost the economy. She broke a 300 years old Ptolemaic rule that was filled with riots, high taxes and rebellion. After she did that the people of Alexandria were different and much happier all because of Cleopatra who they now respected a lot more now. In addition, Cleopatra lowered taxes on farmers in hopes that they would work harder to produce more grain. By doing that she knew that she would in an advantage potation if she had a good strong stable kingdom that produced enough of food and grain. Once again Cleopatra truly cared for her people; she even used the native tongue of the Egyptians which was a wise move on her part because it helped her people like her more and be loyal to her. Cleopatra took role as the goddess of heaven, Iris, which resulted in the people to like her even more because she was so compassionate. By taking the role of Iris it made Cleopatra more popular among the Egyptians. Here is Cleopatra, this young Greek woman, yet she was associating herself with the goddess Iris. She went a far way to make her people think that she was the New Iris and made many public appearances dressed up as the goddess to play the role and also visited the temples frequently. Cleopatra’s death was the end of the Egyptian Monarchs; the Romans came into to rule in Egypt. The way she killed herself by a snake bit instead of bowing down to Octavian is something that will always go down in history because it was a sign of strength and not weakness, she didn’t want to be a slave and see her people hate her. According to Sompong Yusoontorn Cleopatra had ten life lessons to go by in order to stay a great leader. Lesson One: you needed to expect the best at all times, Cleopatra always believed that she deserved to be queen and welcomed all the responsibilities and duties that being queen came with. Lesson Two: Desire to have both responsibility and authority, when her father died it made Cleopatra and her brother join hands and rule together. Since she did not want to rule with her brother and had no intention of sharing with him she dropped Ptolemy’s name from all official documents and ruled on her own. Lesson Three: Learn from the failures, the reign of Cleopatra ended by a cabal of courtiers, which removed her from power and made Ptolemy the only ruler in 48 BCE. She tried to fight back but that resulted in her getting sent to exile. Lesson Four: Be brave to stand up again. When Cleopatra first heard about Julius Caesar disliking Ptolemy, she took advantages of that and charmed him with her lust and sexuality. Lesson Five: If it was not workable, change strategies. Since it was almost impossible for Cleopatra to get to Caesar without someone finding out and killing her she had herself wrapped up in a rug and had herself delivered to Caesar as a gift. Lesson Six: Find a good supporter. After the point where Cleopatra charmed Caesar, she got him to do things for her that helped her get back her throne. She had made Caesar abandoned his plans to annex Egypt, instead he helped her claim back her throne. Lesson Seven: Always have the supporter. After Caesar was stabbed to death Cleopatra sought out Mark Antony, who happened to be Caesars right hand man. Cleopatra had charmed Antony just like she had with Caesar. Lesson Eight: It’s not just about looks. Even though Cleopatra was very beautiful, she was also a very smart woman who strived to get what she wanted and keep her people happy. Lesson Nine: You are a queen. Even though Cleopatra was the ruler of Egypt, she was also ruler of her life. She did what she wanted to do and help her head up high all the time and never gave up. Lesson Ten: Don’t get lost in love. The one weakness that Cleopatra had was that she desperately in love with her last lover Mark Antony. After Antony had killed himself, she committed suicide because she didn’t want to live without him. Cleopatra was a brilliant leader; she spoke nine different languages, and was fluent in them all. She was a mathematician and a good business woman. Cleopatra was born a leader no matter what anyone has to say, she is one of the best leaders of all time and will always be remembered for many reasons.