In 2001, Steve Jobs and Apple set out to change the music industry forever by making it possible to fit 1000 songs in your pocket on a device the size of a deck of playing cards but then more an more gadgets came in and now we have an Apple watch.

In the past, Apple’s products have been crafted with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The iPod, iPhone and iPad don’t come with instruction manuals

“I love it. I exercise in it and wear it most of the day,”-Apple CEO Tim Cook

“I love it. I exercise in it and wear it most of the day,”-Apple CEO Tim Cook

The Apple Watch, probably the most notable smartwatch out there, has a range of models which vary in price and construction. The cheapest Apple Watch rings in at $249 and can cost up to more than $1,000. Typical of Apple Products, the watch runs similarly to the iPhone and iPad. Almost entirely screen-based, the watch has two buttons on the side and two underneath, which allow for the removal of the band.

According to research firm CSS Insight (2018), “worldwide wearables sales will grow by an average of 20 percent each year over the next five years, becoming a $29 billion market with 243 million unit sales by 2022.” More specifically, “71 million smartwatches will be shipped this year, with that figure almost doubling to 140 million by 2022.” The Apple Watch stands out in the smartwatch category, “with its sales growing 60% in 2017 to 16 million devices. ”

It is clear why Apple has earned so much market share in the smartwatch space. Justin says the watch is to the iPhone what the iPhone originally was to the Mac: today, the iPhone can do almost as much as a Mac for more practical purposes. The Apple Watch is also on track to significantly disrupt health and medicine.

The watch’s tiny display is even large enough for you to play games on. Apple has included different watch face designs allowing you to find the one that fits your style, but you can’t buy more watch faces from the app store at this time. The following are just some features of the watch. There are other countless many features.

It adapts to whatever form of cardio or anaerobic exercise that you are doing..

whether that be the Stair-master or Spinning. It counts your steps and monitors your heart rate and calories burned.  Data gets saved on your  phone as well, so if you want to see how many steps you have walked on January 10th, you can check. For someone who tries their best to be athletically conscious, the Apple Watch has made it so much easier for anyone to see just how much exercise you are getting and how many calories you’re burning. It has good fitness capabilities in short.

Apple Watch’s security features could be lifesaving

Imagine you are in an accident where your car is flipped, you are strapped into your seatbelt upside down, and your phone is nowhere in reach. Apple Watch to make an emergency call to 911 and get help. The Apple Watch Series 4 also has a fall detection feature for significant, hard falls while you’re wearing your watch. It will tap you on the wrist, sound an alarm, and display an alert where you can choose to contact emergency services or dismiss the alert. According to Apple’s website, “if your watch detects that you have been immobile for about a minute, it will make the call automatically.”

The Apple Pay feature

It is more secure than a credit card, and incredibly convenient if you’re caught in the middle of checkout without your wallet. You can also download Apple Watch apps for common password management services like 1Password.


The Verge’s review sees the watch as a social distraction since looking down at your wrist when you get a notification in the middle of a conversation is quite as rude as taking your phone out of your pocket to send and receive text messages

The reviewer commented, “I’m more aware of how many people that I’m ignoring then ever before, and I’m not sure I like it.”

Before rushing out to your local Apple Store to replace the traditional watch you’ve worn for years ask yourself: is it worth paying hundreds of dollars to not take your phone out of your pocket? The choice is yours.