History of detention camps around the world

All over the world, people had gone through some kind of torture, since the reign of pharaoh several people had been brutally hurt and killed in detention camps.  Torture in detention centers is termed as any type of physical or psychological hurting imposed on the group of people who possessed contradictory views from majority or authoritative sector.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Nazi Germany

During Hitler  time , Germans despised Jewish and in this hatred they confined Jewish in incarceration camp to deplete them in their area . it was extreme terrific camp for at least 1.1million Jewish were killed by  poisonous gasses and pesticide Zyklon .B. while the rest were died as result of hunger, infectious disease, forced labor, and chemical experiments.

Unit 731, Ping fang District, China

There existed extreme  inhumane tyrannies  where chinese conducted illegal  experiment on people  ranging from forced pregnancies forced sexual assault to frostbite testing. Since it was a R&D unit at the time of  Second Sino-Japanese war, 2,50,000 people were dissected by infecting them with infectious dieses , without  anesthesia. On regular basis these insane experiment were conducted even animals had not gone through this

 Hoeryong Concentration Camp, North Korea

in north Korea this prison camp was located in remote places where forced labor and experiments made this camp horrible and the guard were allowed to assassinate any of the prisoner at any time. severe brutality has transformed these prisoners to skeletal body, dwarfs that with just a touch they can fall to ground.

 S-21 Prison, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

It was also a prison known as camp S-21 where prisoner were accused of involved in illegal activity and of being traitors. Often they were compelled to drink urine and eat feces. Moreover, their blood was taken out that showed for how long they can survive.

Solovki Prison Camp, Solovetsky Islands

This camp is also known mother of “GULAG” located in Russia where socialist enemy of  Soviet Russia’s new Bolshevik regime was brought. Food was giver to veterans according to work done and guards can torture and kill any prisoner by throwing them over the long stairs. Often they were made to attack by swarms of mosquitoes in open field.

Poison Laboratory of The Soviet Secret Services, Russia

Russian forces also kept their laborites as detention camps where prisoners were injected with various dangerous chemicals that made them to die within few minutes.  Naïve experiments  were conducted resulting in a new  chemical C-2  s after which the prisoners  change physically, become shorter, weaken quickly, become calm and silent, and  died within fifteen minutes.

Guantanamo Bay, USA

A military prison of United States prisoners are confined in cold camps and are infinitively tortured having no hope for freedom.  Obama had also pledged to turn down this, however, they were reluctant to leave the prisoners.

Carandiru Prison, Brazil

Brazil had also ventured through detention camps actually it was military prisons where 8000 prisoners were kept who were attacked by mal-nutrition and other life threatening diseases. Moreover,  these militants had massacred  thousand of prisoners.

Tadmor Military Prison, Syria

In Syria during 1980, as a result of the murdering attempt at president Hafiz al-Asad , Tadmor military prison was brought where massacre was taken place. The prison was characterized by harsh and severe strategies inflicted upon prisoner completely detached from domestic facilities and entertainment.

Black Dolphin Prison, Russia

It is known as roughest Russian prison. imprisoning the serial killer, criminals, terrorists and cannibals. Severity is at its top where prisoners self-mutilate. Besides, aid patients were not properly treated medicines were not given on time

National Stadium of Chile, Chile

This country’s stadium was brought down to a makeshift prison camp where 20,000 men and women were at times given electrical shots or burned with cigarettes by y military commander just like in Pinochet regime. Hostages were beaten harshly and often thrown them against the wall.

Camp Sumter, USA

This small camp had made hard times on the prisoner, having six feet square land for just one person . this area was suffocated along  with lack of resources that force people there to drink filthy water composed of fecal matter of diseased and dying men


Sikh, Indian detention camps.

Our own example on 14th and 13thAugust when several Muslims migrated from India towards Pakistan, thousands of Muslims were massacred n their way to Pakistan, while young women were raped and forcefully made wives of Sikhs and Indian where they were tortured. Many had lost their loved one. these memories of brutal acts are still in memories of Pakistanis.

Detention are not just the part of history, they are still occurring around the world from east to west or north to south with severe executions